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What are the advantages of fiberglass windows over regular wood, vinyl or aluminum windows?

Energy Efficiency:
20-40% savings in energy, heating and cooling costs when compared to other window types.

Reduction in both moisture & condensation.

Reduced Noise:
Fiberglass windows provide tight seals, which provide a high resistance to sound transmission, reducing exterior noise to a minimum.

Resistant to bowing, therefore continuously smooth operation.

Fiberglass is a natural insulator because it is does not conduct heat and cold and it doesn't expand or contract.

Ease of Installation:
Fiberglass windows remain square, level and plumb during the installation process.

Are there specific environmental benefits to fiberglass windows that I should know about?

When it comes to available window materials, fiberglass windows have the lowest overall environmental impact. The energy efficiency and long life of fiberglass windows significantly reduces the need for purchased energy. The impact of fiberglass windows on the depletion of resources as well as embodied energy is limited.

Why should I choose APEX fiberglass siding?

Above and Beyond construction is a preferred provider of Apex Fiberglass Siding. APEX is a new category of home siding that is stronger and more durable than fiber cement, impervious to moisture and features a rich, bold acrylic finish that resists fade and will never require repainting or resealing.

Other advantages of APEX fiberglass siding:
• 16 feet lengths
• 1/3 less seams than regular siding
• No caulking required
• Stronger that cement board or steel siding
• Expands and contracts less than other available siding

Why should I choose James Hardie cement siding?

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is designed to last for up to 50 years against cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites and many other possible problems.

James Hardie® products are rare in that they combine beauty and durability and also are considered "Green and Sustainable" by industry professionals.

James Hardie cement siding also has the following advantages:

• Looks just like wood
• Paintable in any color
• Available options include shake, scallops, stucco or board and baton
• 30 year warranty

What are the advantages of cedar decks?

Cedar decks have a natural resistance to rain, UV damage and insect damage. Cedar is a unique wood for decks, with a color range from a pinkish shade (when first cut) to light amber. If left without staining, the cedar turns an attractive silver-grey color. Cedar wood sports distinct patterns, which develop naturally over decades and will give your deck a unique visual result.

What are the advantages of composite decks?

Composite decking offers a variety of advantages to regular decking materials, including:

• No deterioration or rotting due to harsh weather conditions
• Does not require weathering, staining or sealing
• Lack of toxic preservatives and toxic chemical agents
• Resistance to fading
• Safety- no slivers or splinters
• Warranty up to 50 years

Do you have products available for self-installation?

Yes. Above and Beyond Construction offers products for sale that you can install yourself.

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